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Microdyne and Shell Pigments

Published on May 23rd, 2018 in FENICE News

Colours are the choices that make you different

anteprima pigmenti

MICRODYNE -  Top line of casein-free pigment water dispersions
Highly concentrated anionic dispersions of selected pigments oering to tanners the ability of achieving the maximum degree of resistance in their finishing.
MICRODYNE colours show purity of shade, constant yielding power, coverage and colouring strength, outstanding stability, maximum resistance to light, bleeding and heat.
MICRODYNE colours are chrome/lead-free, and therefore they're suitable for finishes that respect the users and the environment.

SHELL -  Excellent casein-free pigment water dispersions
Concentrated anionic waterbased dispersions of selected pigments for leather finishing.
SHELL colours are characterised by pure shades, high colour strenght and very good general fastness.
Free of lead and chromium, they are suitable for finishing in the respect of the users and the environment.

Microdyne and Shell pigments colours chart is available and you can download here


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