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Talent, passion and creativity. From 50 years

"The 50 years of experience that FENICE has gained in the chemical industry has allowed for a technical collection of absolute value in the field of leather finishing. The entrepreneurial philosophy and culture inspiring the company, its innovative soul, together with an efficient capability of communication feed the industrial group towards a continual refinement of strategies for reaching new challenging targets. Constant challenge, energy for the mind. For forty years FENICE has dedicated all its resources to the tanneries, the shoe and leathergoods manufacturers, and to the final end user. Every minute, every day, of every year. 

A deep passion, shared and supported by Certification Boards, Customers, Suppliers and Others that have accompanied and supported FENICE since 1973. Years of total dedication in a passionate sector, constantly evolving, pursuing just one objective: improving, simplifying, making leather finishing technology compatible with the environment, caring and maintaining leather products at the best of their functionality and beauty.

To our Agents, Distributors, internal and external Technical Personnel, to all our Workers and Co-operators, I would like to express a sincere gratitude and appreciation for the great work carried out efficiently and for the great care given to the Customers, which inspires and sustains our activity."


Giuseppe Pisi
President Fenice SpA




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Talent, passion and creativity: President Giuseppe Pisi tells the 50 years of Fenice


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