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Matured experience in serving the Top Brands

FEN-tiberio “The continual exchange of information, the innovative spirit and the desire to know and make known to others which is inside our group is pushing us every day to look for new challenges and reach ever more important objectives. We thank our collaborators in the shoe finishing and leathergoods industry with whom we are partners with, for the continual opportunities that they transmit to us each day. A tight handshake goes to all the components of our distributors and valued chains that maintain an excellent relationship of communication, constantly supporting our work and who are part of the dream that we are now achieving”.

Tiberio Peripoli
Shoe&Leathergoods Manager



Innovation of Products and Systems starts from who produces

A nation that loses its manufacturing ability or that moves it elsewhere and thinks to concentrate only on design and product development, faces the risk of losing these as well. Innovative research is born from daily contact with the objective or perceived needs of the market/customer, from a continuous exchange with the production demands, by the satisfaction of requirements that are conceived by the customers as essential ones, from the intuition of the operators that actually realize the product. All this can not be transferred to others: dedicating ourselves to the research (as an end to itself) without a link with the manufacturing process can induce a progressive depletion of experiences that kills innovation. FENICE’s systems, the “warhorses” developed in 50 years of activity, were all born in a very close contact with tannery technicians, shoe manufactures and leather repairers. This is our great and steady learning market to which we return ready and effective solutions. FENICE considers innovation as one of the most constitutive parameters of quality. Then, quality becomes taken over, by a continuous effort of innovation, of new performances that go beyond the expected ones. In FENICE we do everything so that innovation is not just a restyling, but something immediately perceived by the customer as a real benefit.



    Wax-Based brushable creams

    Wax-Based brushable fluid creams

    Brushable self-shining creams

    Solid waxes


    Brushable waxy dressings

    Specific dressings

    Nubuk and suede revivers

    Fatliquors and fatliquoring creams


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