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Fenice S.p.A. has complied with the Legislative Decree 10 March 2023 n. 24 implementing Directive (EU) 2019/1937 ("Whistleblowing Decree"), which regulates the protection of people who report violations of national or European Union regulatory provisions that harm the public interest or the integrity of the public administration or private entity, of which they became aware within their working context.

To this end, the Company has established an internal reporting channel ("Platform") and appointed a third party, independent of the Company, ("Whistleblowing Manager") to process reports in full respect of the confidentiality of the identity of the whistleblower and the subjects mentioned in the report, as well as the content of the report and the related documentation attached to the report itself.

You will find all the information within the Platform and in the Whistleblowing Procedure adopted to regulate the obligations and methods of collecting, managing and archiving reports, which can be viewed in the appropriate section of the Platform.

Reports may also be anonymous, in this case we ask you to respect the following instructions:

  • do not report from a PC/device provided by the Company
  • do not use a PC/device connected to the company network/intranet
  • access the platform directly by copying or manually writing the URL address of the Platform in an Internet browser - do not provide your personal data

The information on the processing of personal data is published in the appropriate section of the Platform.

Click on the link to access the Platform and make your report.

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